Double A Paper

Double A Paper 

Double A is a premium paper known for its high quality, superior performance and environmental friendliness.

Product Details: RM 10.80 / ream of 500′s

A3 (297 x 420mm) 500 sheets
A4 (210 x 297mm) 40 sheets, 100 sheets and 500 sheets
B4 (257 x 364mm) 100 sheets
F14 (216 x 356mm) 40 sheets, 100 sheets and 500 sheets

Use Double A Paper to reduce impact of global warning, every ream of Double A paper reduces 12.5kg of Co.

Double A Think Beyond Paper

  • Save Natural Forest – Solve Global Warning , Double A Paper-Tree from KHAN-NA ( the farmers’ unused land between rice paddies ) absorbs carbon dioxide, reducing green house gas emissions. This sustainable and environmentally friendly source of wood is used to produce premium quality Double A Paper.
  • Generate And Use Biomass Energy – Natural by product from Double A Paper-Tree is used to generate renewable biomass electricity and steam for Double A.
  • Support Local Communities – Local rural farming communities grow Double A Paper-Tree from KHAN-NA. This generates additional income up to 8% per community.

7 Advantages of Double A Paper

Everything is in the fiber, and Double A’s high fiber content makes it the best copy paper for high-speed machines.
Here are seven reasons why:
• Good Runnability - Our precision rotary paper cutting machines significantly reduce paper jams in copiers, a quality proven in a tough ‘No Jam’ Runnability test performed under independent laboratory conditions in which 60 pages per minute were copied for 24 continuous hours. Accurate moisture control throughout the manufacturing process contributes to keep the paper sheets flat during and thus reduces paper jams in the copier.
• Printing Sharpness - Double A’s smooth surface allows for good toner transfer, making copies as sharp as the original .
• Excellent Smoothness -  Double A’s smooth surface gives it a high quality touch and makes for effortless copying, especially in high-speed machines.Which makes the copy as sharp as the original.
• Bright Appearance: Double A’s 148-151 CIE whiteness provides high print contrast and resistance to fading.  By using high quality raw material and modern production technology high whiteness appearance  of the paper is achieved which gives high print contrast to the printing.
• Enhanced Copier Performance: The sharp blades on our advanced sheet cutting machines result in a lower dust content when printing or copying, prolonging the life of office equipment.
• Two-Sided Use: The high opacity and excellent formation resulting from Double A’s high quality fiber allows double-sided use.  Modern rotary cutting machines for sheeting the paper gives sharp cutting edges that do not make the sheets stick together reduce double feeding and paper jams in the copier. Thus more work gained with less time used.
• Longer Storage Period for Documents: Acid free paper has longer shelf life, making it perfect for storing documents..

Double A Energy Conservation Paper

  • Double A -  Sophisticated process in which wastes and by-products such as wood barks, wood chips and black liquor are brought to generate electricity for internal use. This is what we are proud of – by having a fully integrated resources, we have help relieve some burdens on the society and environment.
  • Double A -  Energy-saving production process and outstanding-quality paper that reduces paper jams during copying is thus a good choice for both individual and corporate consumers alike with energy and cost consciousness.

Environmental Concern

  • Using Plantation Trees - Only Plantation Grown trees are used as raw material for producing pulp. More than 10000 families of local farmers have joined our tree farming program.
  • Low Water Consumption – The advanced pulp production technology is the world lowest water-consumed bleaching process which requires only 6-7-m3/ton whereas others use up to 80 m3/ton. The modern waste water treatment system allows the treated water to be reused without harming the environment.

Using Double A Paper Helps to Save The Environment

  • Save Natural Rain forests – Double A uses pulp from plantations of fast growing trees. This helps to preserve the natural forest.
  • Save Water – Our advanced technology minimizes the amount of water used during the bleaching process to only 7-7 m3 /ton.
  • Save Environment – Instead of using elementary chlorine, Double A uses the environmentally friendly ECF process to bleach pulp.

Excellent Performance Due To The Following Characteristics 

  • Moisture Control – Makes the sheets stay flat in the copier and enhances runability.
  • Low Dust Content – Minimizing your copier runing cost.
  • Good Opacity – Double sided copying of the best quality.
  • Smoothness – Improving printing quality.
  • Bulky Sheet – Enhancing smooth runability.

Industrial Rewards and Management Systems

  1. The first pulp and paper mill in Thailand certified against ISO 9001 version year 2000 Quality Management Standard in 2001.
  2. The first integrated pulp and paper manufacturer in Southeast Asia certified for ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard in 1997.
  3. Prime Minister Award 1996 : Best Company in Environmental / Preservation.
  4. The Outstanding Industry Reward : Energy Conservation Category in 1996 conferred by Ministry of Industry.

Double A
 has 30 million fibers per gram, a unique characteristic that gives Double A its:
• Smooth surface
• High density
• High opacity
• Low ash content
• Good formation

Smoothness is a measure of the flatness of a paper’s surface and affects how it moves through a printer or copy machine. A smoother surface also has a high-quality feel, is pleasing to the eye, and is particularly well suited to high-speed machines.

Roughness is taken into account when measuring a paper’s smoothness, and the lower the number the better
the paper. Paper roughness varies from the top of a sheet to the bottom due to gravitational forces.

Bending strength improves a paper’s contact with the copy machine and prevents tearing – the higher the bending strength the better.

Another property of good paper is density, which refers to its strength, smoothness and opacity –the higher
the density, the smoother the surface, but with lower opacity and strength.

Opacity is the measure of how much light is prevented from passing through a sheet. High opacity is usually associated with high filler content and results in a high ash reading under test conditions. Double A’s opacity comes from the unique features of its pulp, giving it high opacity with low ash content.

Ash Content
Ash Content is another key to good paper formation – a property that is associated with filler use, high ash content equals high filler content.

Formation is an indicator of how evenly fibers and fillers are distributed in a paper sheet. Paper with poor formation has an uneven surface with thin spots and thick spots.

Light Fastness
Light fastness is a good indicator of a paper’s resistance to fading or change of color when exposed to sunlight –
the longer the line, the longer a paper will retain color.

No Jam Runnability Test

Double A paper passed a ‘No Jam’Runnability test for the continuous copying of 100,000 sheets of Double A 80gsm paper though a high-speed copy machine with no jamming. Conducted under independently controlled laboratory conditions at a leading copy machine manufacturer and Double A Research Center, the tough ‘No Jam’ test confirmed that when we say ‘No Jam’ –we mean it.

Double A differs from other copy paper brands in many ways, but it all starts with our revolutionary model for sourcing short fiber – ‘Paper from Farmed Trees’.

The result of more than 25 years of research and development, Double A‘s hybrid Eucalyptus tree, which is fast-growing and ideally suited to Thailand’s soil and climatic conditions, is known today as the Double A Paper Tree andis planted on hitherto unused strips of land by more than 1.5 million farmers nationwide through our ‘Paper from Farmed Trees’, or PFFT, program.

The Fruits of PFFT

• Encouraging farmers to grow the Double A Paper Tree on their paddy ridges increases green areas that absorb
the carbon dioxide that causes global warming and climate change.

• The PFFT program generates 5 billion baht in additional income for Thai farmers, supplementing what they earn from primary crops such as rice. No initial investment is required to participate in the program, other than some available land, tools and labor, and when the trees reach maturity, the farmers simply sell them back to Double A for paper production. With social responsibility as paramount to the company as environmental responsibility, we are pleased that the extra income received through the program enhances the quality of life in our country’s farming communities.

• At Double A, no waste is wasted: all byproducts and leftovers from pulp and paper production are put to good use generating climate-friendly energy. Tree bark, woodchips, lignin and black liquor are used to generate biomass energy to power the factory, and excess energy is sold to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) for local community use.

Suggested User - Copies, Presentations, Graphics, Memos, Newsletters, Correspondence, Brochures etc.

Suitable For – High Speed Copiers, Inkjet Printers, Laser Printers, Plain Paper Faxes.

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