Pilot Fountain Pens

Pilot Fountain Pen

Pilot presents a full line of fountain pens all with the quality born out of the traditional fine craftsmanship, and technology advancement during the 90 years plus of history since Pilot Corporation was established.

Precision workmanship is the fundamental of all Pilot fountain pens. Pilot Corporation combines proven components of superb quality with new and original designs that they can be proud to offer.

In 1964, Pilot created the first retractable fountain pen in the world. The Pilot Capless fountain pen is a revolutionary pen whose nib retracts completely into the barrel. It incorporates an innovative design and uses advanced technology, which keeps the nib in constant optimal writing condition.

In 1972, the Pilot Capless fountain pen was reintroduced as the Pilot Vanishing Point.

LA Stationary Sdn. Bhd. stocks all Pilot Fountain Pen’s latest models:

  • Pilot Capless Splash fountain pen
  • Pilot Capless fountain pen
  • Pilot Custom 845 fountain pen
  • Pilot Custom 823 fountain pen
  • Pilot Bamboo fountain pen
  • Pilot Custom Maple fountain pen
  • Pilot Custom 74 fountain pen
  • Pilot Cavalier fountain pen
  • Pilot Lucina fountain pen
  • Pilot Vortex fountain pen
  • Pilot Birdie fountain pen
  • Pilot FD-78G / FP-78G fountain pen
  • Pilot FD-77G fountain pen
  • Pilot Plumix fountain pen

Pilot fountain pen ink refill: Pilot Spare ink cartridges IC-50
Colors: Black, Blue and Red.

TEL: +603-4023 0088   FAX +603-4023 0066 OR   SMS +6012 3395433
EMAIL : lastationery@yahoo.com


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  1. M H Lulla says:

    please send me an offer for a pilot capless the
    basic model and also the MATTE