Pilot Rexgrip

PILOT Rexgrip falls under the PILOT BeGreen (PILOT Pen’s Earth Friendly Writing Instruments) category and is made from 77.7% recycled content.

Rexgrip Retractable Ball Point Pen
Writes smooth and clean every time.
Retractable and refillable for continued use with Dr. Grip refills.
Selected point type: Medium
Ink colors: Black, Blue and Red

Rexgrip Mechanical Pencil
PILOT Rexgrip mechanical pencil series has full sliding sleeves and comes in fashionable design of rubberized grip, which ensures smooth and comfortable writing:

  • PILOT H-105-SL Rexgrip
    Lead diameter: 0.5mm
  • PILOT H-107-SL Rexgrip
    Lead diameter: 0.7mm

Eraser and pencil leads