Pilot V7

Pilot V System 

With Revolutionary Liquid Ink System

  • Pen Tip Ink Controller – The high controller’s ultra-modern mechanism is a direct result of PILOT’s fountain pen technology. If excess ink flows from the ink reservoir while writing, it is temporarily stored in the special pen core by capillary action. In the way, the amount of ink flowing to the pen point always stays constant. This mechanism ensures that the ink supply remains stable to the last drop.
  • Air Tight and Though Mechanism ATT System –  The dry pen point, ink blotching and ink leak, all common problems with water ball-point  pens, have been eliminated. This ATT system assures optimum conditions for an instant writing start every time. The ATT system is characterized by an ingeniously adjusted spring and pen tip holder which keeps the pen tip air tight and through. This system can be described as a cap in a cap.

Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V7

  • PILOT Hi-Tecpoint V7 RT –  Retractable roller ball pen with pure liquid ink. Just click in one hand and get the same high writing quality as PILOT Hi-Tecpoint V5 / V7. Refillable.

Packing :

Contents : 12 pcs, assorted in single ink color.

Dimension : 300 x 320 x 250mm

Weight : 8.5kg ( 48 boxes )

Color Available : Black , Blue, Red and Green


PILOT V7 pen embraces a revolutionary liquid ink system of the High Controller’s ultra modern mechanism, which ensures that the ink supply remains stable to the last drop. Topped by the new air tight and through mechanism ATT system, common problems such as dry pen point, ink blotching and ink leak are things of the past!

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