Stabilo 588

Stabilo Exam Grade 588 Ball Point Pen

Product Features

  • Viewing Window with scale shows how many pages worth of ink are left, You could see it from the outside of the pen shaft.
  • Smooth ink flow for comfortable writing.
  • Line with 0.4mm.
  • Elastic grip zone for a comfortable hold.
  • Light ink flow for rapid,neat and tidy writing.
  • Specially design for exam standard, suitable for all school children and students and people who inquire smooth writing.

With the Exam Grade ballpoint pen, you never have to worry about unexpectedly running out of ink. It features a unique, built-in ink level indicator on the side of the pen so you know how much ink is left and how many pages worth of ink you have left to write with. The pen also has a comfortable rubber grip zone to keep your fingers from getting fatigued over extended periods of writing. Perfect for students and writers alike.

The advantages

  • Well Accepted worldwide as a perfect examination pen
  • The smooth flow of ink created every confident for all
  • Specially make for exam situations

Model available

  • Stabilo 588GB Comes in 3 Brilliant ink colors:
  • 40 Red
  • 41 Blue
  • 46 Black

Packing Model : Stabilo 588GB2xx

  • Stabilo 588 Exam Grade Blister Pack
  • Contents : 2pcs
  • Dimension : 500 x 340 x 250mm
  • Weight : 5kg

25 sets / inner carton ( 400 sets / outer carton

Packing Model : Stabilo 588G10xx

  • Stabilo 588 Exam Grade Ballpoint Pen Cardboard Box
  • Contents : 10pcs
  • Dimension : 650x340x430mm
  • Weight : 32kg
  • 200 boxes / carton

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